Friday, October 9, 2009


She’s got the most refreshing face in the business and one of the most amiable dispositions. In the field of modeling ruled by catty tactics.... she is the cattiest of them all. She’s ambitious - and she has no qualms about admitting it. She travels back and forth, shuttling between her hometown Lahore and the city that promises fulfillment of dreams - Karachi. And by god she knows that this exercise is worth her while. Vaneeza Ahmed, the Lahori supermodel that gave the Karachi beaus a hard time - she’s got what it takes.... all that it takes, to get to where she is today. From a fun indulgence at Kinnaird College as a student she launched herself in a career, she never thought to be hers. So, from modeling for Neelofer Shahid’s couture she went on to a photo shoot with the best in the business - Ather Shehzad the duo responsible for introducing some of the finest models today..... and the discovery of Vaneeza aka Vinny also falls to their credit. That’s how the journey started for this charming splendor and along the way added accolades to list of merits. She left no stone unturned. From modeling to acting she did it all- played the leading lady in Jamal Shah’s controversial saga, graced the cover pages of the countries top publications off and on, went as far as Mauritius to prove her love for acting and of course sashayed down the catwalk with the grace of a swan- how many times? She has lost all count. But one thing worth remembering is her role as ‘Dina’- in the movie Jinnah. She played the Quaid’s daughter and they say… she played it well. She's worked hard to get where she is today. She's come a long way in a very short time, and the way she's going, she'll go a long long way.

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