Saturday, October 31, 2009

'I'm not in love with Rahul Mahajan'

Monica Bedi also has no plans to get married, she tells

by Sonia Sharma

It’s hard to not sympathise with Monica Bedi. Beneath the label of a gangster’s moll lies a delicate, ultra-feminine girl with a steely resolve. Perhaps it was this resolve that made her stick by gangster boyfriend Abu Salem’s side even when he was on the run. Or maybe it was plain and simple love. Whatever it was, all it brought her was nasty jibes and unflattering labels. Now that the storm has passed, calm prevails over Monica. After months of keeping mum, she’s bared her soul finally and is also inking an autobiography on her experiences. She’s ready for a new lease of life, one that reality show “Bigg Boss” has given her, and is working towards making her way back into showbiz. In a frank conversation with, Monica speaks about why she’s a stronger person today. Excerpts:How’s life treating you these days? Have things changed after Bigg Boss?Yes. A lot for that matter. Life’s a little easier post the show. I am getting good film offers and people have become a little more charitable towards me. They are willing to know me for the person I am and are less judgemental about my past. Do you watch Bigg Boss?Sometimes. Whenever I get the time. Not regularly. Rahul Mahajan was given the song Monica, O My Darling to dance to. What’s your reaction? (Laughs) Jaan bhoojke (deliberately). They did it just to tease Rahul. They don’t want Rahul to forget me.Ahem! Do you want to forget him? You were with him all the time on the show…I’m not in love with him! He is like that with every girl. Does my being with him all the time imply something? I don’t think so. We heard you’re penning an autobiography. Will you bare all in it?I am working on it. If all goes well, I will be done in a few months. Everything I write in it will be 100 per cent truth. I’ll reveal every part of my life, right from my childhood to now. I want people to know about my life. I’m not ashamed of anything I have done. Whatever happened is a part of everything I am. And I have accepted that. Life’s been hard for you. How has your perspective changed?I have become a stronger person due to my experiences. I have also become more careful. Now I try not to see the bad in people. I just accept them as they are. Also, I have become a stronger person – mentally and emotionally. To whom did you turn for support when you were undergoing trial? God. My release has made my belief stronger that there is God. I just wanted the court to acknowledge that I am innocent. I prayed throughout my ordeal that I am proven innocent. I spent five years battling trials, accusations and humiliation. No one can return to me those five wasted years but yes, I am glad I have come out of it. My family too supported me in my bad times. Did anyone from the film industry stick by you?No, not a single person. Even my best friends left me when I was in trouble. Will you allow your autobiography to be made into a film?Let me finish writing it first. Lots of filmmakers have approached me to make a film on my life, but I will decide only after I complete my book. The director should be good – something who does full justice to my story. I wouldn’t want a masala film to be made on my life. Will you act in it too?Yes, I will. I want my acting career back. You have worked earlier with David Dhawan and Rajiv Rai. Have you approached them for a comeback? No, I haven’t approached anyone. But I have been getting offers, some of them pretty good. How has the film industry changed since you were here?There’s a lot of difference. Earlier it was more about the big screen. Film people didn’t want to do television. Now the small screen has grown so much that big stars are also on it. There’s a lot more work available and more opportunities to be tapped.Post Bigg Boss, what’s keeping you busy?Interviews, photo shoots and so on. My autobiography also needs attention. I want to release it in four months. But I hardly get time for it. Suddenly you’re on your own. Does that scare you?Not really. Being independent always feels good. I have been working since the age of 16 years. So I have been on my own for quite some time. It’s not a new feeling. Any plans of getting married? No, not at this point. I want to concentrate solely on acting.

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