Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look Younger With These Hair And Makeup Secrets

Once upon a time, there were beauty rules you were supposed to follow when you hit a certain age. But, like perms and frosted lipstick, those guidelines no longer apply. To find the freshest antiaging tricks, Health polled 140 experts for their best advice.
Sure, we heard fundamental tips like “Wear sunscreen!” again and again, but we also picked up some unexpected strategies. ReWarm up your hair color“Ashy tones are your biggest enemy as you get older,” says George Papanikolas, a colorist who works with actress Rachel McAdams. “Women tend to add pale highlights and go blonder to camouflage gray, but they end up looking washed out and older.”
If you don’t need to hide gray, try a few warm highlights around your face. “Blondes should go more golden; brunettes should try warm, caramel tones,” colorist Robert Ramos says. For more gray coverage, use a permanent dye in a warm color one or two shades lighter than your natural pregray shade.
Avoid the mom cut“Age shouldn’t influence hair length,” notes Mark Townsend, a Matrix celebrity stylist and Reese Witherspoon’s go-to hair guy. So no need to go short at a certain age. In fact, the mom cut—ear-length, overly layered (think Hillary Clinton or Suze Orman)—adds years, according to the stylists we polled.
“Don’t get stuck in no-man’s land. Hair that’s an awkward length without a discernible style is very unflattering,” says Ryan Cotton, a stylist at New York City’s Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon. He suggests an easy-to-style cropped cut (Halle Berry), a bob that’s at least chin-length (Katie Holmes), or longer hair with layers (Julianne Moore).
Go for face framing“Styling your hair back off your face can make you look 10 years older,” Cotton says. If you have short hair, style it so it frames your face. For longer hair, bangs are the way to go, according to San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys. “They hide signs of aging and instantly give you a youthful appearance,” she says, citing Goldie Hawn as an example of someone who knows the antiaging power of on for nine great ones that will help you look amazing.

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