Sunday, November 1, 2009

'I trust Bhatt saab!'

Pakistani actor-producer Humayun Saeed speaks on all things Bollywood

Humayun Saeed has done it all – television, movies and modelling. The Pakistani actor-producer, who acted in Mahesh Bhatt’s Jashnn, was also on Geo TV with Bhatt. He Pakistani actor-producer Humayun Saeed speaks on all things Bollywood…His goal in Jashnn: My goal is to create an impact. Whether positive or negative I wanted people to notice me and that happened. I got good reviews for Jashnn and people have approached me. So I do see work coming.The Bhatt connection:I met Bhatt saab 4-5 years ago and at that time he had told me we would work together one day. I forgot about the incident. Four years later, he rang me and told me he had a role for me. I trust Bhatt saab and I knew if he was offering me a role, there had to be something in me that was right for this character.Lessons learnt: From the film-making aspect I learnt you should aim at making a low budget movie. Make it with complete passion and confidence rather than focusing on monetary gains and, most important, trust your team. Take their opinions and inputs. It’s a sure shot key to success.Working well with Indian co-stars:It was a completely new environment for me, so in the start there was a slight drop in confidence level. But within 2-3 days I adjusted well. My co-stars were very down-to-earth.Next project:I have my own production with Mahesh Bhatt films, so that’s my main project now.

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